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Landscape Allusions

Each painting in my Landscapes series captures a moment in time and an experience in a person's life. Each one has a story and history to be told--many of which are personal and intimate--some are not my story to tell, but I can paint that moment for the individual and share it in a way that makes them less vulnerable to the world.


Fauna Series

Fauna is an exploration of the tiny creatures found in our backyards, and the alien, fleeting beauty they hold. There's a purposeful juxtaposition between the actual size of the subjects and the scale of the works that portrays them. This series currently has 10 original works available for exhibits


Flora Series

Flora is an exploration of the bold swaths of colors, and curious textures found among the smaller things of our world. This series currently has 10 original works available for exhibit.


Humans Series

The Humans series focuses on the beauty of the human form and is an exploration in the simplified accentuation of light and shadow, graphic patterns, and aims to capture the illusion of desire and touch. This series currently has 12 originals available for exhibit.



Each of these Abstracts starts with a story, phrase or poem. I use written words to express an idea or emotion that then guides my palette and brush. Sometimes these words are in plain sight--as with each title from the Haiku Series--other times they remain hidden away by me, allowing the viewer to experience their own idea and story behind the paint.